About Us


Well, here I am at a Pet/Pal Event in Avondale, AZ. They let me hold a little buddy, I didn’t want to give him back. Anyway, I started this company a few years back. My dad taught me how to make BBQ is the great State of Texas when I was just a little shaver. I spent many vacations on the rivers and lakes of Texas with my family. They were all great short order cooks from the oil fields of West Texas. I can’t tell you how many welders I knew that had built a grill on the back of their welding rigs. It was a signature of their work. So now after being in the construction/engineering field for 30 years, I decided to build a new business and keep building relationships with BBQ. Hey, you gotta eat, right.? I really enjoy doing customer appreciation days around the area. We bring out the big P.A. and crank up the classic rock. Folks come out to the events by the hundreds to check out the BBQ and get gifts from the businesses that are just saying thank you to their patrons.


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